Band Directors

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Here are some of the ways that I can help you help your students become better musicians.

Private Lessons

This is a given. Any student who studies privately will see faster improvement than they would have otherwise. I offer 30-. 45-. and 60-minute lessons. We’ll work on improving their tone quality, articulation, intonation, sight-reading, etc. We can work on different styles, for example, getting the hang of swung eighth notes. We’ll work on music theory and history. Having one student in a section who is studying privately and making great improvement will inspire other kids in that section to work harder!


I can come to your school to help with a particular section (trumpet, all brass, etc.) For example, when your 6th graders get their instruments, I can come in to assist you with introducing the instrument. While you work with the trombones, I can take the entire trumpet section to another room or area and teach them proper hand position, instrument care and maintenance, how to produce a buzz, and getting the first notes. This will allow you to get twice as much accomplished in one class.


I can also help with students who have recently switched instruments. If you have switched some kids to horn or baritone, for example, I can take them aside and spend some time with them during band class to make sure they’re learning good habits as far as handposition, embouchure, etc. Or if your students are working on a new skill such as multiple-tonguing, or a difficult solo piece for an audition, I can listen to them one at a time and offer suggestions, sort of like a mini-lesson. This is a great option when you have students who you think would benefit from private lessons but aren’t motivated to take them. When they see how much they can learn in just 5 or 10 minutes, they might be more willing to sign up for 30 or 45 minute private lessons!

Master Classes

I can come to your band class to do a master class for a section of students — all trumpets, all brass, low brass only, etc. Not only will this give these students a chance to learn more about a particular topic, it will also give you a chance to spend more time working with another section. If you have a specific topic you’d like me to present as a master class, I’d be happy to do so, given enough time. You can also choose from master class topics I currently offer:

  • Efficient Practice Techniques: Students will learn how to make the most of their practice time, and how to analyze and prepare for practicing more complex music such as audition solos. This class is designed for a high school group, but can be tailored for middle school.
  • Special Techniques: Students will learn about various types of mutes and when to use them, flutter-tonguing, grace notes, half-valves, falls, etc. This class is designed for high school trumpet players, but can be adapted for all brass, or for a younger group.
  • Small Ensemble Playing: Students will learn what it takes to be a member of a small ensemble, such as a brass quintet. We’ll discuss listening, matching intonation and timbre, ensemble balance, passing a melody between instruments, breathing together, etc. Students will have the opportunity to play during the master class to practice these techniques.
If you’d like more information, or wish to inquire about rates, you can reach me using the Contact page.
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