Here is some feedback I’ve recently gotten from parents of some of my students:

“For teaching trombone to a Middle School Student with one year of band experience, my favorite things about Erin were:
1. Her one-on-one time tailored to our student and his needs including do-able but challenging homework and practice assignments in prep for the next lesson. This also included an emphasis on warm-ups and proper technique and how to work though difficult pieces.
2. Her rapport with our student. She made great real-life connections with him pertaining to common interests while not forgetting to plug music and especially the benefits of regular practice and playing.
3. Her emphasis on composition. That was probably the most fun and confidence-building part of the private lessons for our student.”  — Becky Aelick, Charlotte, NC


“This teacher comes with high recommendations from myself.  Ms Ellenburg not only taught my daughter how to play the trombone well, she also payed particular attention to music theory and positioning.  My daughter had previous music experience with the piano but wanted to transition to the trombone.  Within one year, Ms. Ellenburg was able to get her to the beginner level of playing in a high school band.  We look forward to starting our younger son next year.

Ms. Ellenburg is very patient and works well with children.  The Southern Park Music School atmosphere is very professional yet homeschool friendly.  You are able to wait in an airconditioned lobby or take your other children outside of the waiting area and into another part of the building. It sure beats going to someone’s home!” — Angela Fulton, Weddington, NC


If you’re a parent of one of my current students, and would like to write a review or provide feedback, I’d love to hear it! Send me an email!

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