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I teach lessons through Southern Park Music School and Charlotte Academy of Music.  Registering and paying for lessons goes through them.

One of my favorite things about teaching at these two places is the frequency of student student performance opportunities. Nearly every month (during fall and spring terms) there is a recital at the schools. I encourage all my students to participate in at least one recital per year, preferably one per term. This gives you the opportunity to show off everything you’ve been working on. Plus, the experience of performing in front of an audience is a valuable educational tool in itself!

I recommend that students take weekly lessons. Having a regular schedule and routine facilitates the learning process. Going too long between lessons can cause stagnation, and increases the possibility of practicing incorrectly.


In addition to weekly lessons, I expect students to practice regularly at home. This is something that must be done consistently. You cannot skip practicing all week, and then practice for two hours the night before a lesson and expect improvement. Music is cumulative; each practice session builds on the one before.  A beginning student should try to practice 15-30 minutes a day (in 5-10 minute increments), five days a week. A more advanced student should practice 30-60 minutes a day, five days a week. In lessons, we’ll discuss good practice technique.

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